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Yodel Complex is vitamins, custom-made multivitamins, herbal nutrition supplements and therapeutic herbal preparation formulas, to help in healing processes with a specific ailment.

It is our pleasure to bring to our customers high quality, unique and efficacious products. With the rising international emphasis on health, specifically organic and environmental, it is essential to effectively market our products, especially the aim behind them. These products are to help those who are in need or those who wants to make their life better on a daily basis. The health industry specifically has seen a rise of natural products in the past year and is progressively becoming a more competitive market. Our main focus is marketing ethical and unique products from our warehouse into your living and dinning rooms of America.

We are eager to share with you why our products are very unique. Our products are herbal preparation from tropical forests in Nigeria, West Africa. Africa is a continent endowed with an enormous wealth of plant resources. Over 5,000 distinct species are known, historical records show that Europeans, in their African expeditions, had to battle with malaria. From the bark of an African tree, they discovered and developed quinine which now benefits the whole world. Therefore, we decided to investigate these "traditional medicine" of all shades and hues and from all derivatives, and to promote those that are proven to be safe, natural and efficacious and towards increasing responsiveness and customer satisfaction. Our business was established in 1996, and we pride ourselves on providing our consumers with high-quality products and personal service. Providing good products means taking the time to listen. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the product you need. Our business is consumer-oriented, and we maintain the stricter confidentiality.

 The Importance of Vitamins to Your Body
The body needs a minimum amount of vitamins and minerals each day to remain healthy and function properly. A balanced diet normally supplies sufficient vitamins. However, serious disorders can still develop if the diet does not meet your body's needs. Symptoms of a deficiency in vitamins and minerals usually appear when the lack is already in a relatively advanced level. For instance, people who do not have enough of the vitamins A, B1 and B2 suffer from recurring tiredness, mental or emotional disturbances, loss of appetite and chapped lips, among others. . If you constantly feel sluggish and suffer from chronic health-related inconveniences, you might be short of the vitamins your body needs to function properly. 

Why Herbal Nutrition Supplements So Important? 
The herbal nutrition supplement is very popular among many consumers not only in the East and Africa -- the stronghold of herbal medicine -- but all over the world. One of the reasons for this would probably be because of the recognition that herbs have been used for healing and wellness purposes throughout time, and that the medical community is open to exploring the viability of various methods of natural medicine in preventing and treating diseases. It has been said that even if you eat healthy foods and take basic vitamin supplements, it would not do you a lot of good if your body is unable to absorb and digest the nutrients you're taking in. A herbal nutrition supplement would aid in nutritional absorption because it nourishes the cells, promotes cellular communication, and enable them to function more effectively. It would also promote cell growth and repair. Nutritional supplementation is a long term commitment so results are generally only seen in the long term. Our aim is to help you find the perfect formula for your health and encourage you to stick to it. We hope you'll find the information helpful about our company and the products we offer. We look forward to working with you. Our establishment is regulated or monitored by the Food and Drug Administration.

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