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Product name:Pure pharmaceutical grade 5-HTP 
Retail price: $35.98
Sale price: $21.98
Date: 2008.03.24
Each Capsule Contains 50 mg. 100 capsules per bottle
5HTP, a natural derivative from an amino acid, is a metabolic precursor to serotonin, and is a safe, natural and inexpensive solution to all varying symptoms of serotonin deficiency syndrome.
5HTP by NHS LABS introduces 5HTP 50 mg, an effective and efficient remedy for all customers who are looking for relief from Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome without usage of dangerous drugs.
* 5HTP has produced clear and significant improvements in people with all Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome, including depression, insomnia, anxiety and eating disorders.
* Research shows 50 mg of 5HTP is as effective or better than the state of the art anti-depressive drugs for clinical depression, (SSRI Fluvoxamine) with no side effects.
* Like L-tryptophan, 5HTP readily crosses the brain-blood barrier and is directly converted into serotonin. Because 5HTP doesn't compete with other aminos, and can only be used for serotonin, it is 5-10 times more potent than L-tryptophan.
* 5HTP is more effective than other anti-depressives because they are highly specific to serotonin. 5HTP works not only in serotonergic neurons, but also in dopominergic and noradrenergic neurons thus giving the effect of stimulating serotonin and catacolaminegic neurotransmission.


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